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Pro presentation kit

Zlides Pro presentation kit

Zlides Pro Pack

  • 40 unique slides

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  • 150 vector icons

  • Light and dark themes

  • 60 additional components

  • Free updates

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Zlides Lollipop presentation kit

Zlides Lollipop Pack

  • 30 unique slides

  • 60 total slides

  • 100 vector icons

  • Coral and light grey themes

  • 20 additional components

  • Free updates

Zlides Avocado presentation kit

Zlides Avocado Pack

  • 20 unique slides

  • 50 vector icons

  • Green theme

  • 20 additional components

  • Free updates

Zlides Basic presentation kit

Zlides Basic Pack

  • 20 unique slides

  • 50 vector icons

  • One color theme

  • Free updates

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7 July 2021

Why does every pitch deck have a problem slide?

Don't start your pitch with your product or solution. Start with the problem. It's important to grab your audience's attention.

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23 April 2021

Blank space

It is very painful to read a pitch deck full of text. Repeat: The pitch deck is not a book, it is not the right place for an essay.

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19 April 2021

Sometimes the best chart is no chart

Remember the last time you saw a chart but didn’t know where to start reading the presentation slide? Does a startup use trend lines without numbers to illustrate their predictions?

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Create your perfect presentation slides and inspire everyone. Customizable and compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides.

7 July 2021

Why does every pitch deck have a problem slide?

Don't start your pitch with your product or solution. Start with the problem. It's important to grab your audience's attention.The problem slide plays a major role in a presentation. It helps you establish a connection with your audience, it helps you demonstrate your understanding of your customers, and it helps you create a sense of urgency surrounding the problem.You can think of it as the "why" you are building the startup and delivering a solution to your customers. Be sure to use your customer's words, avoid buzzwords, and be very specific about the problem you're trying to solve.

23 April 2021

Blank space

It is very painful to read a pitch deck full of text. Repeat: The pitch deck is not a book, it is not the right place for an essay.No one will pay attention to read and hear your essay. A pitch deck should be brief and concise. Force yourself to use more blank spaces on each slide. Give room for a breath.No one will pay attention to reading and listening to your essays. The pitch deck should be short and clear. More blank spaces on each slide. Take a sigh of relief.You should expect to accomplish 3 beautiful things by using blank spaces:- It makes the content scannable and improves readability
- It helps balance design elements and content components
- It forces to write fewer texts, bigger font sizes, and clear in context
Blank spaces allow us to use more imagination. This is a good technique for creating a visual hierarchy and ensuring that readers can accurately find your most important information.

19 April 2021

Sometimes the best chart is no chart

Remember the last time you saw a chart but didn’t know where to start reading the presentation slide? Does a startup use trend lines without numbers to illustrate their predictions?Don't laugh. It happens all the time.As a presentation designer, your mission is to help your audience digest information. Don't make them think. Sometimes the best chart is no chart. When you need to communicate numbers, use numbers. You can also use color contrast, font size, and images instead of charts. Also, displaying numbers with the appropriate units can help you achieve your presentation design goals.You should always come up with your own strategy, especially in communicating important metrics. Why not give it a try? Challenge yourself to communicate metrics without charts.

27 March 2021

What should be in your problem slide?

We hear ideas every day, most of which are unachievable. People often miss the "purpose". Why is your idea worth our attention?Talk about problems, frustrations and obstacles. In this way, you can establish an emotional connection with your target audience. Explain why the problem is large enough and it is worth solving.Try to provide evidence of how you bridge the gap between problems and ideas. What is the most tangible value that your target audience will receive? It doesn't matter whether your idea is a digital product or a service.As long as you solve the problem at the right time. Your ideas are worth listening to.

21 March 2021

Templates great, only if you use it correctly

Remember the last time you witnessed a pitch competition, and all the pitch decks looked almost the same?There is no right or wrong. However, when you create a pitch deck without a unique branded tones, that is a problem. Although we tend to follow things like Rule of 3; bold text; solid colors, etc. You still have to consider ways to demonstrate the uniqueness of your presentation.Don’t treat templates as placeholders, make sure to integrate the brand’s tone. Create your own fonts, colors, content hierarchy, mood board, icon sets and more.People will appreciate small details.

12 March 2021

Pitch deck is a tool, use it wisely, or you fail

It is unprofessional when looking at the pitch deck continuously during a presentation. It gives a bad impression that you are not ready.Pitch deck can be transformed into a series of visual canvases to help your audience connect with your ideas, business plans, and value propositions.Memorize the essence of the topic, but don’t repeat the exact same thing on your pitch deck. You are expected to provide a story consistent with your pitch deck. Be the expert in your area and tell a story!

3 March 2021

What can you do to visualize the pitch deck?

Pitch deck is not the right document to show an article. If you cannot express your ideas in a short and precise way, you will lose the attention of your audience.Visualization is the most common way to lighten a text heavy presentation.

  • You can use vector icons to shorten sentences

  • You can use emotional images to explain a feeling

  • You can use color contrast to evoke cognitive perspective

Do it correctly can speed up information processing. Help the audience connect to your story faster and easier.

25 February 2021

Why you should customize your pitch deck?

A successful pitch deck should always have custom content. Whether you are presenting to investors, customers or partners. It is best to customize the content according to their preferences.This is obvious, but many entrepreneurs often forget or are too busy to customize the pitch deck for the target audience. In the end, their professionalism was damaged. Not to mention that your presentation will be messed up.Make sure to research your ideal audience profile. Don't expect one size fits all. Showcase the most relevant problem statements, potential solutions, unique selling points, and why the context of your pitch deck will make their lives better.

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What makes Zlides different?Zlides is designed to simplify presentation design. We open any custom ideas in content structures, visual design, and pitch deck template for all users.Is Zlides presentation kit free?The basic version is completely free. If you like it, consider upgrade to pro presentation kit, we would be grateful! We will provide advanced features in Zlides Pro and offer continuous updates for free.I need some help to design the presentation, can you customize it for me?Yes. We do have a customization service. We cover everything you need in content, visual design and storytelling. We design and create dynamic templates from scratch. Find out more.Which file formats are supported?Zlides is compatible with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote for all basic presentation designs. We plan to create Canva and Prezi formats in the future.Updates?Once we've added the new features, you'll receive an email notification with a link to download the latest version. We are constantly making updates, please email us at [email protected] for any suggestions.Can you help me?If you need any help and friendly advice, feel free to email us or leave a message on Instagram.